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Wij houden ons vaak en diepgaand bezig met het onderwerp machineveiligheid en zitten in verschillende werkgroepen. Daarom hebben de afdeling ontwerp en ontwikkeling van de Schmersal Groep en het productmanagement veel vakkennis die wij graag doorgeven aan machine- en installatiebouwers en aan de gebruikers van deze machines.

In het verleden hebben wij onder andere diverse vakliteratuur over dit onderwerp uitgegeven.

The "Blue Guide" - on the implementation of EU product rules

The Guide to the implementation of directives based on the New Approach and the Global Approach (the “Blue Guide”) was published in 2000. Since then, it has become one of the main reference documents explaining how to implement the legislation based on the New Approach, now covered by the New Legislative Framework.

This new version of the Guide will therefore build on the past edition, but include new chapters, for example on the obligations of economic operators or accreditation, or completely revised chapters such as those on standardisation or market surveillance. The Guide has also been given a new title reflecting the fact that the New Legislative Framework is likely to be used, at least in part, by all types of Union harmonisation legislation and not only by the so-called “New Approach” directives.

A new book looking at current issues in machine safety

Machine Safety in Europe
ISBN 978-3-935966-25-9

What factors do the designers and vendors of machines have to take into account when marketing their products in the European Union? This is the question answered by the new book recently published by the Schmersal Group called "Maschinensicherheit in Europa" (Machine Safety in Europe).

In 30 essays on 400 richly illustrated pages, 26 authors present the most important regulations governing machine safety. The essays span from functional safety to fluid power systems and pressure equipment directives. The authors also give an insight into markets beyond the EU including China, Japan, Russia and the USA, and introduce the regulations in these countries.

The book will be of interest to both the designers of international plant and machinery and the safety engineers operating the systems. The authors of the articles are all experts in their respective fields, and explain the topics in an understandable and comprehensive manner, independently of any manufacturer.

Graduate engineer and economist, Philip Schmersal, General Manager of K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG:
"Reliable use of high quality and norm-compliant products and systems for machine safety assumes engineers know about the relevant regulations and are capable of implementing them. With this new book we want to increase awareness of safe operation of plant and machinery, and communicate the basic principles at an international level."

"Machine Safety in Europe” (publisher Frank Schmidt, ISBN 978-3-935966-25-9) can be purchased for € 79.90 from bookshops.

MRL News - Issue 36

MRL News - Issue 36
MRL News - Issue 36

Table of Contents:

  • Limitations to the application of EN ISO 13 849
  • No “paper tiger”: product liability in the case of faulty machinery!
  • RESET with edge detection: “yes”, but which one?
  • Risk assessment: the essential points of machinery safety
  • Guide to MD 2006/42/EC
  • Hazardous products 2012 – information on product safety

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ZVEI: Safety of Machinery

ZVEI: Safety of Machinery
ZVEI: Safety of Machinery

Are you a machine manufacturer or system integrator?
Do you update machinery?

This is what you need to consider in the future in terms of functional safety!

Notes on the application of standards EN 62061 an EN ISO 13849-1

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A New Approach to Machine Safety

A New Approach to Machine Safety
A New Approach to Machine Safety

EN ISO 13 849-1 – Safety-related Parts of Control Systems.

In this brochure we extensively highlight the core speech at the Elan lecture event 2005, which dealt with the discontinuation of the EN 954-1 standard and the new regulations in the revised standard EN ISO 13 849-1.With the initiative to release this brochure, the SCHMERSAL Group intents to emphasise their advanced competence on safety of machinery. For us as a supplier of safety switchgear and safety systems designed to protect people, machines and equipment we also wish to provide our customers with additional information on boundaries and background knowledge in order to become their partner of preference when it comes to the implementation of safety components for machines and machine control.

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